Relationship issues

A healthy relationship is fundamental to one’s wellbeing. A relationship is the dynamic interaction between two or more personalities and their values, beliefs, and goals. Because it is dynamic, the interaction is always evolving. Therefore, good relationships can sometimes change into difficult ones, and difficult relationships can change back into healthy ones.

Some core elements for healthy relationships include respect, the acknowledgment of the other’s strengths and weaknesses, a willingness to help (rather than ridicule), a lack of blame, and most importantly, trying to enjoy the other’s presence, as well as communicating openly and often.

People in difficult relationships have one thing in common: They do not communicate with each other openly. The only way we can understand each other is if we share our feelings. If we stop talking to each other yet have to interact with each other, we start to become aggravated with each other. Metaphorically speaking, it is like two foes caged next to each other but not talking. If they talk, it may also be counterproductive, because both are angry and aggravated.

In life, various events can drastically change the nature of existing relationships. We call this phenomenon “relationship stress.” Such stress, if processed well through healthy communication, can be short-lived, and the people in the relationship can enjoy the qualities in their relationship again. If this stress is not processed well, it is likely to produce more life stresses, and then the relationship becomes complicated to resolve on its own.

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