Lawrence Rakhmanov (LCPC)


“Hello and congratulations to you for taking the brave, but often difficult steps towards engagement in therapy. I thank you for considering me as a prospective therapist and hope that your decision-making process will be assisted with some background information about myself; as well as my areas of expertise. While I work primarily from a cognitive-behavioral perspective; I also integrate aspects of person-centered therapy, solution-focused therapy, and mindfulness into my practice. I work with clients who vary in presenting concerns, age (16+), and therapeutic needs. My overall approach as a psychotherapist is to remain dynamic and flexible. I attempt to meet client needs by tailoring treatment methodologies, and therapeutic approaches to their life experiences and styles of communication and understanding.

My primary areas of expertise include working with depression, anxiety, stress management, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, communication enhancement, trauma, and substance abuse. I’ve had extensive experience in applying these clinical interests within the contexts of individual, family, and couples therapy. My primary focus is to assist individual clients, families, and/or couples in developing insight, awareness, confidence, competence, trust, and vulnerability; as well as the ability to modify negative patterns of thought and behavior. My genuine goal is to serve as an effective resource to each and every one of my clients, and my ultimate desire is to help people find their paths to living healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives”.