Information for Patients

As you have decided to seek treatment, you have already started to win your battle. You have become aware of your difficulties, and you have shown your willingness to overcome these difficulties.

We are 100% committed to being trustworthy, responsible, and professional toward our patients.

Of course, you want to feel better soon. We will help you stay strong, even if it takes time before you start to feel the benefits of the treatments. Good treatment focuses on recovery, which is a long-term, multidimensional process. Each day in your recovery, you become stronger and stronger.

We combine medicines, therapy, counseling, and other proven and safe methods, such as mindfulness, physical training, and behavioral changes.

If you have social, legal, housing, financial, employment, or family issues, it may be difficult for you to focus on your treatment and recovery. We consider the above issues important components of your treatment planning. Therefore, we continue to work with you to update your treatment plan based on your changing needs and accomplishments.